NFP sent 57 pounds of tree seeds around the world in 2014, further promoting their agroforestry mission. Here, workers in Cameroon tend to seeds sent by NFP. Read More >>>
Anna Shortt, one of the coaches who travelled with The International Center for the first component of the Singapore America Sports Exchange (SASE), presents a medal to a Special Olympics participant. The component was held December 3-9, 2012. Read More >>>
A member of Zimconserv works to build a cookstove in Zimbabwe. NFP was able to provide a small grant to Zimconserv to build these cookstoves, which are more efficient, resulting in less deforestation for their usage. This helps to ensure that the tree seeds provided to them are used more effectively. Read More >>>
Vietnamese govrnment officials, along with members of the Vietnamese military and mine action stakeholders, participate in a meeting in January 2015 as part of VVAF's ongoing landmine projects. Read More >>>
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Where We Work

Central America

The New Forests Project (NFP) is supporting water and sanitation projects in Honduras and El Salvador through the Clean Waters Initiative. This program provides technical assistance and trains instructors in rural communities to manage their water systems.

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The New Forests Project is aiding reforestation and agroforestry efforts in Haiti as part of the World Seed Program. New Forests is seeking to establish 15 new agroforestry and fruit tree nurseries, promote the planting of 15,000 agroforestry and fruit trees, organize training and workshops and increase the existing supply of tree seeds to Haiti.

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The New Forests Project (NFP) provides seeds, educational support and small grants for training and the purchase of reforestation equipment through the World Seed Program in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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South East Asia

The International Center currently has two programs working in South East Asia. The U.S. Vietnam Trade Council Education Forum (USVTC-EF) and the Vietnam Veterans of American Foundation (VVAF) work in Vietnam. USVTC-EF works to build economic partnerships between the US and Vietnam. VVAF aids in landmine removal, conducts surveys on mental health disorders and helps in rebuilding schools.

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The International Center (IC) is a Washington, DC based 501(c) 3 non-profit organization founded in 1977 to focus on issues between the United States and the developing world.

Over the years, The International Center has had projects in Asia, Africa, Latin America and with the former Soviet Union. The International Center projects include the U.S.-Vietnam Trade Council Education Forum, the New Forests Project, and the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation.